Claims Audit & Consulting

Companies with a backlog of open claims face mounting costs and risk their reputation. But not every company is equipped with the knowledge and experience needed to resolve those claims quickly. What’s more, claims management services have historically been transactional and not strategic. This puts companies in a reactive state responding to claims, and not in a proactive mindset to prevent them.

Our Solutions

Woodruff-Sawyer goes beyond the traditional claims management model. We are hands-on and collaborative with clients on strategy, process, education and beyond. Our customized, scalable claims services offer a depth and breadth of support for insurance claims, from management of current claims to proactive planning for future claims.

Here’s a distinguishing difference: We’re experts who specialize in claims strategy and management by coverage line (no generalists here). This is enhanced by our in-depth knowledge of industries served and cross-market relationships. We offer full service for property, casualty, management liability, cyber liability and workers’ compensation claims.

All of this adds up. Our claims management is proven to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the claims process. Add to that our deep commitment to high-quality client service, and we’re a preferred choice for companies that want their claims handled by the experts.

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